Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Timing

The timing of sunset varies with the season and the width of the site from which it is now. The timing is also in the local time in a time zone, from any location the exact length. Changes in the planning of the sunset are due to the axial tilt of the earth, the ball shape of the earth and the movement of the planets in its annual orbit around the sun. Some deficiencies are, however, be visible. In the northern hemisphere, as early sunset does not fall within the winter solstice on about 21 December, but it occurs earlier in December. Similarly, the last sunset does not fall within the summer solstice in June 21, but it no later than June or early July, depending on the width. The same phenomenon exists in the southern hemisphere, with the exception of data swapped. For one or two weeks about two solstices, both solar and a little sooner or later every day. Even at the equator, and highlights the postponement of several minutes in both directions each year, with solar energy hours. This effect is marked by an dilemma.

The axial tilt of the earth, the direction of the sunset in the northern hemisphere is always on the north-west of the equinox in March in the September equinox, and in the southwest l 'Equinox September-equinox in March. Sunsets occur, exactly, exactly on the west side of the March and September equinoxes, and the duration of day and night are exactly 12 hours on the day of the Equinoxes for all viewers on Earth.

In sunrise and sunset are calculated from the most important and on the banks of the Finals of the sun, and not the center, is easily the duration of the "day" in reference to the "night". More, because the sunlight is bent by atmospheric refraction, the sun is always on, after they are below the horizon. This effect is an illusion, all days with sunrise. The sun also seems to be on the horizon, that is another optical illusion, as the moon illusion.

The visual patterns, sunset is often associated with the summer, and the beach of life and culture of the surf. This can occur primarily on the people more time outdoors at night in summer and winter, and also because the images of sunsets over the sea are often spectacular scenes that the beach during the da. Sunset is also a symbol of the West, age, to an end, and